Beyond business friendly

#10 Skilled, educated workforce

Kris Kerin

“Workforce quality is a big reason Bley has been in Elk Grove Village for nearly 50 years. We’re able to get the highly skilled people we need to operate our state-of-the-art machinery.”

- Kris Kerin, Bley LLC

#9Major investments in infrastructure

Tom Walter

“The incredible relationship between the government and business community is why my partners and I have stayed in Elk Grove for over 30 years. We have had businesses in other cities and not found this level of support for infrastructure and enterprises.”

- Tom Walter, Tasty Catering

#8Adjacent to O’Hare International Airport

Joy Vora

“Being right next to O’Hare, we can drop a delivery right at the gate as late as 10:00 p.m. and get it into the hands of engineers the next day. Because of that logistical advantage, our customers see us differently.”

- Jay Vora, Flextron Circuit Assembly

#7Array of commercial sites and buildings

Dan Geocari

“Due to the sheer scale of Elk Grove Village, we've been able to buy two production facilities in town and lease a third for offices. We're proud to have two plants, our Culinary Center, and our corporate offices here.”

- Dan Geocari, Little Lady Foods

#6Strong business incentives

Brad Bullington

“Having assisted many property owners with their growing pains, I’ve seen how the 6B Tax incentive and other supportive efforts of the Village are incredible tools that help companies save significant capital to reinvest.”

- Brad Bullington, GC Realty & Development

#5Opportunities for networking

Jim Carr

“I was able to connect with neighbors, extend my supply chain and sales pipeline, and represent my company's brand to a huge crowd of professionals.”

- Jim Carr, Carr Machine & Tool engagement portal

Eric Toriumi

“The Village understands the needs of its businesses, and is a great example — a creative and effective way for us to engage with each other. Elk Grove seems more like an alliance and less like a city.”

- Eric Toriumi, Diemasters Manufacturing

#3Largest industrial park in the U.S.

Mike Byrd

“We recently moved to Elk Grove Village. Quite a few of our customers are here, so it makes things easier from a sales and service standpoint. We can get to them quicker and they can get to us quicker. Being right down the street is a big plus.”

- Mike Byrd, Air Services Company

#2Prime location and transportation access

Margaret Kozlowski

“Thanks to Elk Grove's central location, we have easy access to secondary operations right here in the Village and surrounding towns, which allows us to deliver a turnkey solution and fast turnaround for our customers.”

- Margaret Kozlowski, AM Precision Machining, Inc.

#1We're Beyond Business Friendly.

Carole Holland

“Elk Grove Village is certainly Beyond Business Friendly! As the Director of Marketing for six businesses in various towns, I’m constantly amazed by the professionalism and friendliness of the village staff.”

- Carole Holland, Jersey Mike's Subs